Instructor Assisted Deployment

License Progression Program (IAD)

Minimum age 18 - Maximum weight 220 - Weight must be reasonably proportional


IAD stands for "Instructor-Assisted Deployment" and is a method of training where the instructor initiates deployment of the student's parachute when the student jumps from the plane. Static line is a line of cable or webbing, one end of which is fastened to the parachute, the other to some part of the aircraft, used to activate and deploy or partially deploy the parachute as the student falls away from the aircraft. The instructor does not jump with the student in either of these methods.


IAD and static-line training and the first jump can often be accomplished the same day. The USPA Online Ground School, while not a course that can be used as complete training, provides valuable information for first-time jumpers and is a great refresher for all students. Although the freefall portion is specific to the AFF training method, it also includes videos and sections on skydiving equipment, canopy flight and landing, emergency procedures relevant to all training methods.

How Does It Work?  

Assisted during climbout by the USPA IAD or Static-Line Instructor, the student exits the aircraft solo with the parachute deploying immediately. Exit and opening occur at 3,500 feet, then the student pilots the parachute to the landing area.


Around $100 less than AFF and about the same as tandem.

IAD skydiving

Category "A" Skydive - IAD - $359

Includes six hour class and one skydive with two instructors

Category "A" skydive


Two Tandem Skydives are required to start AFF

• Includes six hours of Ground Instruction

• Minimum age is 18 - Maximum weight is 220

• This is the first skydive in our License Progression Program.