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Main & Reserve Canopies


The Sabre 2 is a high performance model for ALL experience levels, based on wing loading.



7 cell cross-braced Ultra high performance main parachute



9 cell High performance elliptical main parachute



Zero porosity tapered 7 cell main parachute



9 cell high performance elliptical main parachute



7 cell CReW main parachute



9 cell Zero / Low porosity combination main parachute



9 cell student main parachute



Performance Designs 7 cell reserve parachute


Aerodyne Pilot Canopy

pilot 104 6T: neon yellow 4T: neon yellow 2T: neon yellow 1T: neon yellow 3T: neon yellow 5T: neon yellow 7T: neon yellow 6B: neon yellow 4B: neon yellow 2B: ... SHOW MORE


Harnesses and Containers

Automatic Activation Devices

Cypres 2 Automatic Activation Device

CYPRES 2 combines tried and true quality and reliability with new technology and discoveries made since 1991.


Vigil 2+

The VIGIL II is the second generation of the original Vigil AAD. It is a microprocessor controlled, automatic activation device specifically designed for sport skydiving. The Vigil's primary purpose: TO SAVE LIVES. What's New on the Vigil II? New flat controller New housing, extra thin construction Ergonomic design New Inox cutter Waterproof - Multimode Double battery, minimum 2000 jumps Key Features No scheduled maintenance Self test checks all Vigil parameters and recalibrates every time it is switched on Multi-functional – Pro, Student or Tandem Data logger stores jump info (total jump #, freefall time, and last freefall speed); jump info can be viewed on the LCD display. Patented calculation method gives an accurate activation altitude up to +/- 60 ft. Battery last approx 5 years. Change only once BATLOW sign appears. Battery, cutter and display can be easily replaced by your rigger. Free cutter replacement after life saving. Metal box, Kevlar-reinforced cables, stainless steel display, no external connectors. Ergonomic design is 100% compatible with any rig equipped for an AAD. Life expectancy of 20 years Working Principle Once it is switched on, the Vigil® performs a complete self test to check all internal parameters and calibrates itself at the atmospheric pressure of the DZ altitude.


Headgear Instruments

Galaxy Skydiving Altimeter

Available in a wide range of colors.


PRO-TRACK™ "Out Dated Photo"

Audible altimeter and freefall computer. The ProTrack is much MUCH more than an audible. The new ProTrack stores and recalls specific log information for up to 200 jumps, allows you to program up to 4 different audibles on each jump, gives you different user profile capabilities (flatfly, freefly, instructional, etc.), and keeps running totals on interesting aspects of the jumps. The PC interface is NOW AVAILABLE for download capabilities.



ICON Alliance Dark Full Face Helmet L Black

• Ride Tested - Dark Side Approved • Injection molded polycarbonate shell for strength • Long oval headform • Wind tunnel tested and refined • Chin venting system reduces shield fogging • Moulded twin channel supervent for increased cooling • Rear exhaust ports prevent heat buildup • Removable molded breath deflector reduces shield fogging • Fully removable/washable HydraDry interior • Quick-change fog-free Proshield with sideplates • Prolock shield locking system • Dark smoke shield included • Rubatone finish is a rubberized coating, not just paint - for a durable and premium finish • DOT and ECE 22-05 approved



Kroops Goggles


Sky Eyes Goggles

From the people who make tube stoes. The edge is made of tube stoe material.


Kroops Over the Glasses Goggles

Built to fit over most glasses. Lens color is clear or smoke. Brown edge only.