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  • We're available seven days a week from the 2nd Saturday of march until the end of November.
  • We schedule ARRIVAL TIMES. We do not schedule JUMP TIMES.You should be prepared to be here for up to four hours.
  • Book online with your credit card. If your date & time is not available, call 330-823-0370.... We may have an availability.
  • Online booking price is discounted and is non-refundable for any reason. You will receive a rain check or gift certificate if the skydive is canceled.
  • The skydiving weight limit is 220 pounds, but we can take up to 260 in some cases. Make sure to call us if you're over 220!
  • There is an extra charge of $1 per pound for every pound over 220 pounds.
  • You must be 18 years of age to skydive.
  • You must sign a release agreement to skydive.
  • Secure reservations are made through PayPal.
  • Thank you for using our online reservation system!
  • "Special On Line Price" - $30 ea deposit $169 ea on arrival!

    . Group of 6/11 - $30 ea deposit $159 ea on arrival!

    . Group of twelve or more - $30 ea deposit $149 ea on arrival!

    . Student/Military Discount is $10 off the above prices!/ Just pay $30 deposit per slot and your discounted price will be computed on arrival!

    . Law Enforcement and School Teachers same discount!

    . Our weather may be different than yours, so call before you leave home on the day of your jump to check on the weather!


Our season is from the 2nd Saturday of March until the end of November! We can handle a lot more than this booking calendar will permit, so If it says there is no room call 330-823-0370 or Text My Cell Phone at 330-685-0816!

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  • step 2: choose time
  • step 3: jumpers
  • step 4: pay

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  • • This is NON-REFUNDABLE but is transferable to another party or another date.
  • • Those weighing more than 220lbs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Tandem is absolutely the best method to make your first skydive. Your scheduled time is the time to arrive. So plan on spending three to four hours with us and we will get you in the air as soon as possible.
  • • Your Tandem Instructor is a professional skydiver who wears an oversized parachute, designed to safely carry two people up to a combined weight of 500 lbs. Your student equipment includes a special purpose harness that attaches at four points to the front of your Tandem Instructor. The skydive itself begins when you exit from 10,000 to 13,000 feet, followed by 30-50 seconds of freefall at speeds of 120 miles per hour.
I verify that all skydivers are over the age of 18. *(Must Bring Valid I.D.)*

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* If your preferred time indicates full capacity, please call (330) 823-0370.

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